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Dr. Toy's   Best Vacation Toys   of   2015


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Thomas & Friends Track PlayTape

Bachmann Trains / InRoad Toys -

$14.99     Buy Now

Age range 3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   CO   HO   TR  

More details

Say 'n Play Remote

Blue Box Toys, Inc. -

$13.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 months thru 3 years      

Toy Type   ES   LG   TR   TY  

More details

On the Line

Brainwright -

$11.99     Buy Now

Age range 10 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   CP   ES   PZ  

More details


Fitivities -

$39.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE   AP   BG   ES  

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Flashlights & Fireflies

Gamewright -

$15.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE   AP   GE   OP  

More details

Super Tooth

Gamewright -

$10.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CG   ES   GE   SC  

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Green Kids Club Camping Set

Green Kids Club, Inc. -

$39.50     Buy Now

Age range 4 years thru 9 years      

Toy Type   EQ   ES   OP   SR  

More details

Just Add Milk

Griddly Games, Inc. -

$14.50     Buy Now

Age range 5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   ES   HM   SC  

More details

Think Box: Roving Robot

Horizon Group USA -

$14.99     Buy Now

Age range 8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   CO   CP   SC  

More details


ImagAbility, Inc. -

$39.99     Buy Now

Age range 5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   CO   CP   ES  

More details


Imagination Supply Co. -

$14.99     Buy Now

Age range 5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CO   CP   ES   SR  

More details

Kaizen - Padauk - Silk - Mint

Kendama USA -

$34.99     Buy Now

Age range 9 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CP   GE   HO   SR   WT  

More details

Fire Suitcase

LEGO Systems, Inc. -

$19.99     Buy Now

Ages +      

Toy Type   AC   AP   CO   TR  

More details

Learning Lights Remote

LeapFrog -

$12.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 months thru 3 years      

Toy Type   AE   ES   LG   MM  

More details

Beachpool Kit

Lil' Waves -

$36,395.00     Buy Now

Age range 3 years thru 6 years      

Toy Type   EQ   OP   PT   TS  

More details

IlluStory Junior

Lulu Jr. -

$19.99     Buy Now

Age range 4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   AP   BK   LG  

More details

Sock Puppet Charades

Marbles: The Brain Store -

$24.99     Buy Now

Age range 8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   CP   GE   PU  

More details


Marbles: The Brain Store -

$29.99     Buy Now

Age range 5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE   ES   GE   SR  

More details

Tiny Wubble

NSI International, Inc. -

$9.99     Buy Now

Age range 6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   NO   OP   TR  

More details

Scramble Squares® Puzzle Mount Rushmore

b. dazzle, inc. -

$9.95     Buy Now

Age range 4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   ES   GE   PZ   SR  

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Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Chronicle BooksSteam Train Dream Train PuzzleES   PZ   TY   XT   3y - 6y$
2.Corolle DollsMon Premier Bebe Calin Christmas TalesDO   FP   TY   XT   1y+6m - 3y$
3.FolkmanisFolkmanis® Mountain Lion Cub PuppetPL   PU   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
4.Ikonic ToysWooden Race TrackCO   TR   TY   WT   XT   3y - 8y$
5.Learning Journey, Intnl.Techno Gears Marble Mania ZoomerangCO   ES   SC   TY   XT   6y - 12y$
6.Madame Alexander Doll CompanyNewborn Nursery 19DO   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
7.MagformersWalking Robot 45Pc SetCO   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
8.RubbabuAnimal PuppetsCP   GN   LG   PU   XT   10m - 5y$
9.SnappetsSnappets: DinosaursAC   ES   OP   TY   XT   5y - 12y$
10.Toy StateNikko VaporizR 2AE   CR   OP   TR   XT   7y - 11y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Technology Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Future of PlayLuv'n Learn FriendsEG   ES   MM   PL   XI   3y - 7y$
2.Irish Fairy DoorIrish Fairy DoorCP   ES   FP   WT   XI   2y - 10y$
3.LeapFrogEpicCR   EL   ES   IN   XI   3y - 9y$
4.LeapFrogScout's Build & Discover Tool SetCO   ES   MA   TY   XI   2y - 5y$
5.Learning Circle KidsReader Bee and The Story TreeCP   ES   GE   MM   XI   3y - 6y$
6.LightUpLightUp Tesla Kit (Bluetooth Edition)CO   CR   EL   IN   XI   8y - 12y$
7.VTECHKidizoom Action CamMM   OP   TR   XI   4y - 9y$
8.VTECHKidizoom Smartwatch DXCP   EG   ES   OP   XI   4y - 9y$
9.Wonder WorkshopDashCR   EL   ES   SC   XI   5y - 12y$
10.WowWee USAR.E.V. Robotic Enhanced VehiclesCR   EG   GE   MM   XI   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Socially Responsible Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.DuneCraftThe Ultimate HabitatCP   GN   SC   SR   XS   3y - 12y$29.99800-306-4168
2.Fashion AngelsGarbage to Glam UpcyclingAC   AD   GN   SR   XS   8y - 12y$
3.Green Toys, Inc.Sport BoatsAE   BA   GN   SR   TY   XS   2y - 12y$
4.KidstirKidstirAP   CE   ES   SR   XS   5y - 10y$
5.Music TogetherMr. Rabbit - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   BK   ES   ML   SR   XS   1y - 8y$
6.Patch ProductsChrono BombAE   AP   EG   ES   SR   XS   7y - 12y$
7.Resonance HouseDigging Deep - A Journal For Young People Facing Health ChallengesBK   ES   SR   XS   10y - 12y$
8.SmartLab ToysGirls Only Secret Message LabBK   CP   ES   SC   SR   XS   7y - 12y$
9.Snigglezoo EntertainmentJoe the Monkey and Friends Learn About Spending SmartBK   CT   ES   SR   XS   2y - 10y$
10.Whole Wide World ToysWorld Village Playset - ChinaCT   ES   LG   SR   TR   XR   4y - 10y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Games   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Blue Orange GamesSuper Genius - First WordsCG   ES   GE   MA   XG   5y - 12y$
2.Brybelly HoldingsStory Time DiceCP   ES   FP   GE   XG   6y - 12y$
3.EQtainmentQ's Race to the TopAP   ES   GE   SR   XG   3y - 7y$
4.FoxMind Toys & GamesMaze RacersBG   CO   CP   PZ   XG   8y - 12y$
5.Funnybone ToysJuxtaboBG   CG   ES   PZ   XG   8y - 12y$
6.GameWhysmOreCG   ES   GE   SR   XG   10y - 12y$
7.Goldbrick GamesSkoshBG   GE   XG   10y - 12y$
8.LearningPlungeGeoPlungeCG   ES   GE   XG   5y - 12y$
9.Lee & Low BooksCompound It All!ES   GE   LG   PZ   XG   9y - 12y$
10.Miniland EducationalEmotiblocksCO   CP   LG   NO   XG   2y - 6y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Educational Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Discover with Dr. CoolRock Tumbler - Pro SeriesES   GE   PZ   SC   XE   6y - 12y$
2.Discovery Toys / DT LearningHeartbeat M.D.ES   FP   TY   WT   XE   3y - 10y$
3.Eastcolight375 Power 50mm Wide Angle HD Sport MicroscopeCR   ES   MM   SC   XE   8y - 12y$
4.Fun with CircuitsFun with Circuits - Adventure with darkness and moreBK   EL   ES   SC   XE   5y - 10y$
5.Math for LovePrime ClimbBG   ES   GE   MA   XE   10y - 12y$
6.MGA EntertainmentUltimate Lab KitCP   ES   SC   TY   XE   6y - 10y$
7.Mightverse¡Dígame! Spanish Learning Card GameAP   BG   ES   SR   XE   8y - 12y$
8.OWI Inc.Kingii Dragon RobotCO   EG   ES   MM   XE   0 - 7y$
9.Sound For LifeForBrainEQ   ES   LG   OT   XE   3y - 12y$
10.Yellow ScopeFoundation Chemistry KitCP   EQ   ES   SC   XE   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Creative Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.ColorformsColorformsAC   AP   CP   TR   XC   3y - 12y$
2.Crayola Cling CreatorCrayola Cling CreatorAC   AP   CP   HM   XC   8y - 12y$
3.EdupressExploring Nonfiction CardsES   LG   XC   7y - 11y$
4.Galison/MudpuppyForest Friends Paper Bag Craft KitAC   AP   CP   SR   XC   4y - 12y$
5.Grow'n Up, Ltd.Qwikflip 2-Sided Glow EaselAC   EP   ES   XC   4y - 12y$
6.Horizon Group USAJust My Style Personalized Bracelet MakerAC   AP   CP   OT   XC   6y - 9y$
7.Luca and CompanyLuca and Company IVI 3D Play RugsCO   CP   DH   ES   XC   0 - 7y$150.00310-623-7370https//
8.Pegasus Toy-KraftShadow TheaterAP   ES   FP   PZ   XC   4y - 12y$
9.Write Brain WorldWRiTE BRAiN PUBLiSHED AUTHOR'S KiTCP   CR   ES   LG   XC   5y - 14y$
10.ZingStikBotCE   CR   ES   IN   XC   4y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Children's Products   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.4M Industrial Development, Ltd.Hover RacerCP   ES   NO   SC   XK   8y - 12y$
2.77SPARX StudioPuzzingo Kids Learning PuzzlesES   IN   LG   PZ   XK   1y+6m - 5y$
3.AdoraBabyTimeAE   DO   FP   XK   3y - 12y$
4.Ann Williams GroupCraft-tastic Yarn Tree KitAC   CP   XK   2y - 8y$
5.Fibre CraftBUtiful DollsDO   TY   XK   4m - 12y$
6.Green Kids Club, Inc.Grizzly Ghost BearBK   GN   SC   SR   XK   5y - 9y$
7.Griddly GamesJust Add MilkAC   CP   ES   SC   XK   5y - 12y$
8.Nina CharlesPumpkinheads Book SeriesBK   ES   SR   XK   3y - 6y$
9.Preschool Prep CompanyMeet the Math FactsBK   ES   MA   MM   XK   3y - 9y$
10.Purple PancakesSleeperHeroBK   DO   FP   MM   XK   3y - 7y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Building Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.BrackitzBrackitzCO   ES   MA   SC   XB   3y - 12y$
2.Build & ImagineFairytale TheaterCO   CP   DO   ES   FP   SR   WT   XB   4y - 8y$
3.Discovery Toys / DT LearningStacking OwlsCO   ES   TY   WT   XB   3y - 12y$
4.IdentiToyIdentiToy Interactive BaseplateCE   CP   MM   TY   XB   4y - 12y$
5.ImagAbilityWEDGNETiXCO   CP   ES   TY   XB   5y - 12y$
6.ITSPHUNITSPHUN Geometric Construction SetCO   CP   ES   MA   XB   5y - 12y$
7.Laser PegsSuper Copter 30 in 1AP   CO   CP   ES   XB   5y - 12y$
8.Lazy DogLight Stax 36 piece Classic SetCO   CP   ES   SC   XB   3y - 12y$
9.LEGO Systems, Inc.My First PlayhouseCO   CP   ES   TY   XB   1y+6m - 5y$
10.MindWarePattern Play 3DCO   CP   MA   PZ   XB   5y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Audio/DVD Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Happy Kids SongsHappy Kids SongsAC   AP   ES   MM   XD   4y - 8y$
2.Just PlayPeanuts Happy Dance SnoopyCE   MM   PL   TY   XD   3y - 12y$
3.MGA EntertainmentMini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Musical Cake PlaysetDH   DO   FP   ML   XD   4y - 10y$
4.Music TogetherHey, Diddle, Diddle - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   AP   BK   ES   XD   1y - 8y$
5.Music TogetherTwo Little Blackbirds - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   AP   BK   ML   XD   1y - 8y$
6.Red Note RecordsRed Grammer's Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket FillersCT   ML   MM   SR   XD   5y - 8y$
7.SleevelessLove is a JourneyCT   ML   MM   SR   XD   1m - 12y$
8.SleevelessNewborn, TooML   OT   XD   1m - 12y$
9.VTECHWrite & Learn Creative CenterCE   CP   ES   LG   XD   3y - 6y$
10.WhistlefritzSpanish for Kids: The Ultimate CollectionCT   ES   LG   ML   XD   1y - 7y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Active Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.B4 AdventurePlayzone-Fit Starter KitAE   AP   OT   TY   XA   2y - 8y$
2.Bigjigs ToysDinosaur Train SetFP   OT   TY   WT   XA   3y - 12y$
3.Diggin ActiveSlimeball DodgetagAE   GE   NO   OP   XA   6y - 12y$
4.ENLIVENZEFlipstir Puzzle - Level 2ES   PZ   TR   TY   XA   7y - 12y$
5.NSI International, Inc.WubbleXAE   XA   6y - 12y$
6.OribelPortaPlay Convertible Activity CenterES   5m - 5y$
7.Pacific Play TentsGalaxy Combo Junction W/ Glow in the Dark StarsAP   CP   FP   OP   XA   3y - 12y$
8.Tactic GamesMolkkyAE   GE   OP   WT   XA   6y - 12y$
9.Tubby Table ToysTubby TableAP   BA   CP   EQ   XA   1y+6m - 4y$
10.ZorbitzTwiddle-Fidget Toy & Shape MakerAP   CP   PZ   TY   XA   6y - 12y$

Message from Dr Toy

The Best Vacation Children's Products are a balanced selection from large, small, new, and established companies across the USA, Canada, and around the world, and will provide children with exciting new learning tools that will help them not only do better in school, but also will provide more constructive activities while traveling or at vacation destinations.

The award winning products include innovative toys, books, crafts, games, puzzles, and many other play products for children of all ages and interests.

Dr. Toy believes "parents need more help to get a head start locating new, quality, diversified products that children will enjoy as they increase learning skills and expand creativity." The products range from hands on- to -tech for "hours of constructive, educational, and stimulating fun."

"Children learn best through play," says Dr. Auerbach, "and these Best Vacation Products encourage children to maximize their potential and make the most of Smart Play while on vacation. By making a renewed focus on summertime as a special time for choosing new products for children, parents help to improve their children's development. This is a perfect time for parents to 'take stock' of the inventory of what their children are playing with, what is not being used, and what they need next in their development."

Using extensive criteria developed over many years, Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Children's Products are carefully chosen from among hundreds reviewed at toy fairs, in catalogs, and through many other sources. The criteria includes: safety, age-appropriateness, design, durability, lasting play value, cultural and ethnic diversity, good transition from home to school, educational value, learning skills, creativity, improvement in the understanding of the community and the world, good value for price, and, naturally, fun.

These are products suitable for babies to older children, include products from hand-crafted to hi-tech, and range in price on the average from $10 to $100. The winning vacation products are affordable, well designed, and reflect the wide range of children's interests. Complete information about these and other products are included in the full report.

Dr. Toy's report includes company customer service numbers, website addresses, age range, price, and a full description of each product. The award-winning, on-line magazine, Dr. Toy's Guide, features full color photos of each product, links to companies to learn more, interviews with and articles by Dr. Toy, plus hundreds of other Best Products for all reasons and seasons.

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