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Dr. Toy's   Best Green Toys   of   2014


Message from Dr. Toy


10 Best Lists


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#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.4M Industrial Development LimitedTin Can CalculatorES --   GP --   SC --   SR --   8y - 12y$
2.4M Industrial Development, Ltd.Dynamo Circuit BoardES --   GP --   SC --   SR --   8y - 12y$
3.ALEX Toys LLCPrincess Match It GameCG --   GE --   GP --   SR --   3y - 5y$
4.ALEX Toys LLCSound & Play Busy TableGP --   SR --   TY --   WT --   18m - 3y$
5.ALEX Toys LLCString My ABC'sES --   GP --   SR --   3y - 5y$
6.BeginAgainBalance Boat - Endangered AnimalsCP --   ES --   GE --   GP --   SC --   SR --   TY --   WT --   3y - 12y$
7.DT Learning Products, Inc.BloomES --   GP --   SR --   TY --   WT --   1y - 18m$
8.DT Learning Products, Inc.Playful Patterns Heirloom EditionCP --   ES --   GP --   MA --   SR --   TY --   WT --   4y - 10y$
9.DuneCraftSea-QuariumAC --   CP --   CT --   ES --   GP --   SC --   SR --   TY --   3y - 12y$
10.Fundamentals ToysDIY Glycerine Soap KitAC --   AD --   AP --   AT --   BA --   CP --   ES --   GP --   HM --   HO --   SC --   SR --   6y - 12y$
11.Fundamentals ToysDIY Hair Chalk KitAC --   AD --   AP --   AT --   BA --   CP --   ES --   GP --   HM --   HO --   SC --   SR --   6m - 12y$
12.Green Kids Club, Inc.Green Spring Book and Maya Doll Gift SetBK --   ES --   GP --   PT --   SR --   TY --   3y - 6y$
13.Green Kids Club, Inc.Green Spring CartoonBK --   ES --   GP --   PT --   SR --   TY --   6m - 6y$
14.Green Kids Club, Inc.Jade Elephant BookBK --   ES --   GP --   SR --   4y - 9y$
15.Green Toys Inc.Green Toys TrainAT --   GP --   OP --   SR --   TY --   2y - 8y$
16.OWI RoboticsSuper Solar RecyclerCT --   GP --   SC --   SR --   TY --   8y - 12y$
17.Real Tooth FairiesTriana Becomes a Real Tooth FairyBK --   ES --   GP --   SR --   5y - 10y$
18.The Little Yoga MatThe Little Yoga MatAP --   AT --   GP --   OP --   SR --   TR --   TY --   0 - 3y$
19.Upside Down GamesThe Magic Path of Yoga Travel VersionAP --   AT --   BG --   BK --   ES --   GE --   GP --   OP --   SR --   0 - 0 years$
20.fischertechnik (Studica, Inc.)fischertechnik Oeco EnergyCP --   CT --   GP --   MM --   SC --   SR --   TE --   TY --   9y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Automoblox Co.Mini Emergency 3 packCP --   GP --   TR --   WT --   3y - 12y$

Message from Dr Toy

Dr. Toy announces the Tenth Annual Dr. Toy's Best Green Toy and Children's Products Awards and Best Green Company Award - 2016

For the tenth year Dr. Toy, recognizes the Best Green Toy and Children's Products and the Best Green Company.

Past Best Green Company Winners are: Bears for Humanity, Blue Orange Games, Green Toys, Hape Toys, Hugg a Planet, Maple Landmark, OWI, Plan Toys, and Thames & Kosmos.

The 2016 Dr. Toy's Best Green Company Award is proudly presented to Green Kids Club.

The award winning Dr. Toy's Best Green Toys and Children's Products are made by companies striving to inspire children to appreciate the environment and learn to take better care of our natural resources. These companies make products to teach children more about our planet and produce playthings based on green principles. These are excellent examples of playthings that are made safely, healthy to use, and have plenty of special play and learning values.

As awareness grows, more families are thinking and considering new directions that are safer, more balanced, healthier, and in many cases are reflective of the "slow" movement as they provide play that respects the child's pace of exploration.

About the Best Green Company

Dr. Toy is pleased to bestow the highly coveted tenth-annual 2016 Best Green Company Award to Green Kids Club

Unique, multi-faceted approach to engaging kids through stories, activities, lessons, video and music. The Green Kids Club works with animals to improve our world by using basic sustainability concepts of preservation, reduction, prevention and mitigation. Stories are developed to teach children the importance of protecting habitats to maintain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life. More details at

About Best Green Products

Dr. Toy recognizes these fine Best Green Toy Products and the astute, eco-aware companies making these eco-friendly products. They are each making a difference in their own way and making important contributions. Each step moves us toward a healthier home and community.

Dr. Toy has identified diversified products that help children learn more about their world, and found quality products either made from organic materials or produced in ways that are healthier. Consumers are encouraged to consider these products for home or school or as gifts.

Dr. Toy is again pleased to recognize diverse, ground-breaking companies and a range of products that are helping to create a healthier place for everyone to live.

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