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Pop-Oh-Ver Counter Top Set

Kangaroo Manufacturing -

$39.95     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE -- Active   AS -- Accessories, Decorations   CP -- Creative Product   DH -- Doll House   FP -- Fantasy Play   HO -- Hobby   TY -- Toy   UN -- Unique  

Ever visit a Pop Up shop? It’s the latest retail craze of temporary physical space to create a long term, lasting impression. Imagine the same concept in the home as preschoolers play with a pop up kitchen that disappears when play is done. Say hello to Pop-Oh-Ver, the clever brand of durable and detailed kitchen play sets that assemble in two minutes over a sturdy household chair This perfectly playable portable kitchen set inspires endless play. Just fasten the Counter Top set over a chair, tie the ties, and like magic your young chef will have a place to fix food anywhere . The canvas-like material boasts a toaster, scale, drawer, detailing, and a pop out shelf that actually holds items.

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