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Giant Evolution Timeline

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The Giant Evolution Timeline gives children a bird’s-eye view of the evolution of life on Earth and how we humans are interrelated with all living things. Colorfully illustrated, this oversized play mat tells the story of 600 million years of evolution. Illustrations include ancient creatures from fossil records, "comments" from animals, explanations of evolution from "Charlie" Darwin, footsteps for kids to follow at forty million years per step, and more. Activity Guide includes kid-tested games and activities such as running and skipping games, memory games, and adaptations of classics such as hopscotch and telephone. Activities encourage physical and imaginary play. Unfolds to a full 18-feet long mat, yet collapses to a manageable book-like format for easy storage. When folded, can be read like a storybook. Also can be stood up on its side for use in smaller spaces. Strong learning component to supplement elementary science curriculum. This is a unique product was developed with educators for age-appropriateness and scientists for scientific accuracy. How Charlie's Playhouse LLC is a Green Company Made in America (Rhode Island) from Polylith™, a synthetic "tree-free" paper made of 100% polypropylene, one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to vinyl. This rugged synthetic paper is waterproof and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The founder of Charlie’s Playhouse, Kate Miller, PhD, was committed to producing a fully "green"’ product that taught evolution several years ago. As a matter of fact, rather than charging ahead with a new toy introduction that she could easily have introduced two years ago, Kate spent two years and a lot of personal finances to hire a group of scientists to successfully identify a special material for her timeline that would be completely recyclable, safe for children, and rugged. Traditional sourcing channels were unable to help her. The scientists were asked to find a high quality material that was highly rugged to withstand children’s rough play, was not vinyl (bad for the environment), easily cleaned, color printable, and child safe. To add to the sourcing challenge, Kate was 100% committed to finding a US manufacturer to be sure that extra shipping did not add to the carbon footprint of her efforts. The team recommended an environmentally friendly (completely recyclable) synthetic specialty paper that can hold multicolored print and is very sturdy. Once the specialty paper was identified, a new challenge arose: due to its size, there are very few printers that can produce the Timeline in one continuous piece. The Timeline is now printed in Ohio and hand assembled in Rhode Island (without toxic glues). Recycling of paper, bottles, cans, etc. is a common everyday requirement in the office. Company will be introducing other new products that teach evolution, and all the new products will also be 100% "green" as well.