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Active Toy, Educational Skills, Plush Toy, Socially Responsible

Alphabeasts are two sided plush toys. Front is an uppercase alphabet letter. The back inverses the colors of the letter and body and is lowercase. The Alphabeasts are super-friendly characters that possess special powers that help the beasts work together to solve any problem. The Alphabeasts are giving and courteous, and love to watch out for each other. No task is too small and with the help of their ability to come together and spell words with their letters, they can get out of any jam or overcome any obstacle. Not only do the Alphabeasts watch over each other, but they also keep a watchful eye on their home, Alphaland. Alphaland is a far away place that’s full of wonderment. Flowing blue rivers, green plants, tall trees, vast mountains, dewy meadows, and a bright shining yellow sun are just some of Alphaland’s appeal. There’s one particular, massive tree in the center of the land. Little huts inside this tree are where our 26 beasts emerge from in the morning to start their day, and where they rest their heads at night after their adventures.

Available online and on our website ( are animation and informational videos showcasing how these beast powers come into play and how children can use Alphabeasts to help them Play & Learn the Alphabet and Spelling. Also available is an Alphabet Baby Book Box Set complete with colorful, educational illustrations of the beasts teaching words associated with the appropriate letters.