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EnviroBLOX™ Deluxe Set

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4y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Construction Toy, Creative Product, Green Product, Hobby

The EnviroBLOX Deluxe Set gives kids an easy way to create all kind of designs with 180 pieces of 100% biodegradable building blocks and logs, in a variety of colors and sizes. The product is made in the United States from cornstarch using a patented manufacturing process and materials – no plastic or oil based materials are used. The blocks are very adaptable; simply moisten an EnviroBLOX with water for a firm, instant hold, no tape or glue needed. This product fills the need for an environmentally friendly building activity for kids of all ages. This is an innovative hybrid of materials between modeling compounds and plastic building bricks, which brings benefits of structured building with freeform modeling. When it’s time to put the unused blocks away, just slide them back into their zip-lock package, which is environmentally conscious to minimize waste. And when the time comes to discard your used EnviroBLOX, simply place them in water and watch them magically disappear! Or add to your compost pile for a truly green recycling solution. How Cadaco Inc. is a Green Company Cadaco is committed to helping preserve the world we live in, which is why they created a number of programs that will help reduce our environmental impact. Cadaco, one of America’s oldest independent game and toy companies, offers the newest innovation in "green" toys and play. Cadaco has been accepted for the Commonwealth Edison "Smart Ideas" program and will be installing energy lighting throughout its entire plant. The project will save 40% of electrical energy per year, and the initial cost outlay will be recovered in just three years. The project replaces 1,497 light fixtures and includes every department in the plant. They have also been able to program computers and other electrical equipment to shut down automatically when not in use. In addition to reducing energy consumption, Cadaco has been able to eliminate electrical lighting in some areas altogether through the installation of solutubes, which allow for natural light to illuminate key workstations. Additionally, Cadaco has created processes and safety checks to eliminate the emission of any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. Finally, Cadaco has a 19-point recycling process that every employee learns and participates in. The past year was the best in terms of recycling efforts, as Cadaco recycled 2,170 tons of material, saving nearly 37,000 trees in the process.