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Duncan® Butterfly Yo-Yo

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8y - 12y








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Since 1929, Duncan yo-yos have been entertaining children (and adults) of all ages. This is a gift that is cost effective and practical. It can go along on a trip and entertain and amaze at any time. Players are learning coordination, concentration, and dexterity when they use a yo-yo. Since 1954, the Duncan® Butterfly® yo-yo’s wide string gap has made it much easier to land the yo-yo back on the string. This model (3124BU) is best for learning string tricks like "Trapeze" and "Double or Nothing." The Butterfly's wider shape also makes it easier to perform "Shoot the Moon." The Duncan Butterfly yo-yo is one of the world’s most popular for its ease of use, and the one most people relate to for its winged shape. Duncan’s Butterfly weighs only 1.5 ounces and measures 2-¼ inches in diameter with 1-¼ inch width. It is available in red, green, orange and blue Duncan celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Dating back to 450 B.C. in Greece, the yo-yo is one of the world’s oldest toys. Duncan Toys Co. has led the industry for eight decades in yo-yo promotions, innovative yo-yo skill related products and technology. The first yo-yo promotions in the United States were run by Duncan, and served as the template for decades to come. Duncan was the first company to make a "sleeping" yo-yo, one that could spin at the end of the string. Duncan was the first company to introduce yo-yo shapes designed specifically for different kinds of tricks, and Duncan was the first company to mass-produce yo-yos of both wood and plastic bodies. Duncan’s Butterfly was one of the innovatively shaped yo-yos Duncan introduced featuring the winged shape. For a free trick sheet, please send a request in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Duncan Toys Company, P.O. Box 5, Middlefield, OH 44062. Check out Web Site: or call Duncan Toys at Flambeau, Inc. at 1-800-457-5252. Duncan history is preserved and recorded by the Smithsonian Institute, as well as numerous books and articles. Duncan demonstrators have performed for kings, queens, presidents, dictators, prime ministers, and at nearly every type of public gathering imaginable. Fidel Castro came to power during a Duncan yo-yo campaign in Cuba, Abbie Hoffman was cited in contempt of Congress for "Walking The Dog" during a Senate hearing, and astronaut David Griggs has played with a Duncan Imperial® while orbiting the Earth.