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My 1st Career Gear Assortment

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3y - 5y








Costume, Creative Product, Fantasy Play

What do you want to be when you grow up? Try any one of these six shirts on for size. Printed with all the things you’ll need to complete the job. Clear chest pocket to put a name for personalization. Cooking seems to be much more fun when little chefs can look the part while helping mom in the kitchen or cooking with dad on the grill. All the details are silk screened on this chef coat, right down to the spatula and oven mitt. The doctor will see you now. This easy-on shirt, made to look like doctor’s scrubs, will make a preschooler ready to check his/her patients. Blue or pink fabric screen printed with stethoscope, tongue depressor, syringe, and other important tools of the trade. To the rescue! Put out the flames in this red hot fire fighter shirt. Printed with axe and cell phone to dial 911. It’s great being the chief! If there’s an emergency, this police officer will be ready. This easy-on shirt is printed with all the things they’ll need: badge, arm patches, and sergeant stripes. It’s all in the details. Kids look cool and comfortable with this realistic orange vest that can be spotted down the hall or around the block. Details include printed yellow road stripes, construction logos, and cell phone graphic peeking out of a breast pocket. The bottom of the vest is adorned with “road crew” in large capital letters. Shirts are sold separately at $12.95. When purchasing the full assortment, you save $7.75.