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Best Multiplication Workbook EVER!

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This innovative math workbook is useful for home or school, when multiplication is introduced or for remedial work in other grades. This workbook focuses on how kids think, how they learn, and how they have fun learning new material. Kids learn better when they feel smart and capable. Worksheets that look like fun seem easier to kids and reinforces learning. The scaffolded approach helps build students’ skills and confidence by breaking down multiplication into components. The basic facts section teaches on four levels, based on ease of memorization. Each times table has a page for copying the times table and studying patterns, practicing facts in two different forms, applying facts to word problems, and testing. Each section provides cumulative learning and rewards. Kids love to color every worksheet and certificate and make learning fun. The word problems focus on multiplication and are age-appropriate. Students learn real-life applications of multiplication. This workbook teaches only one skill a time, giving students practice with that new skill before learning another. Students advance to themed word problems applying new skills: economics (lemonade stand), logistics (field day), geography, and science. Standardized test taking tips and strategies and included to boost students’ confidence. This workbook teaches strategies to get to the right answer, provides correct answers, and explains why other answers are incorrect. Free math learning software is available for download. Written by Corey Green, M.Ed. and National Board Certified Teacher.