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Goal Bands Game

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4y - 12y








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Finding good behavioral habits are hard to start and bad one’s are hard to break? Parents can now help kids to start achieving all of their hardest goals, almost immediately, building on inner strengths in a fun way. This is also more of a game and something that can be used by an individual or in groups (family, school, workplace). Simple, not complicated, and cost effective, Goal Bands Game "Karate Belts For Your Wrist" is a perfect solution. The Goal Bands Game and Black Belt Goals Journal (included with every game) is for everyone at all ages and for everything (education, safety, health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, etc.). They are perfect to use when a little help with focus, self discipline, and a reminder is needed. You can start with safety goals (sun block, bike helmet, no swimming in the deep end, etc.); or responsibility goals (make your bed, clean up, dress yourself, etc.); or study and practice goals. Adults can join with nutrition and fitness goals (family walk, hike, sport, etc.) or anything else. The Goal Bands Game has a self empowerment tool that offers flexibility and durability to pick and achieve whatever goals are of most importance. For example, more reading, no junk food, eat more salad, and to keep building upon these successes. Each Goal Bands Game consists of a personal journal, 6 karate belt colored wristbands, and an anime card with instructions, all stamped with trademarked "Black Belt Goals." Game play begins with the setting of daily goals and then by wearing the appropriately colored wristband to serve as a reminder of these goals. Achieve goals and advance to next colored wristband, don’t achieve them and you are stuck wearing that colored wristband for another day. Use journal to write your goals, successes, and observations. The world’s simplest, fastest and surest way to inner strength.