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24-count MAX EcoPencil

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3y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Green Product

Faber-Castell introduces its strongest colored pencil, ever! The new MAX Colored EcoPencils in a 24 count pack take colored pencils to a new level of performance. These pencils are designed for children to use at home and in school. The pencils have 33% thicker leads than regular colored pencils. Thicker lead means longer lasting pencils and smooth, rich color lay down. Leads are 20% more break resistant due to the new formula that makes them stronger and have more pigment for brighter colors and easier blending. SV-bonding means leads are glued the entire length of the barrel. Glue is double applied for further reinforcement.New radial cutting of wood slats aligns the wood grain for easier sharpening. Triangular shape is easier to hold and gives better control. Pencils will not roll. Pencils are made from reforested wood preserving natural forests. The Faber-Castell forests are FSC-certified. Barrel has a water-based finish. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. MAX Colored EcoPencils are perfect for those who want high quality colored pencils at a reasonable price.

How Faber-Castell USA is a Green Company

Celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Faber-Castell and 35 years of Creativity for Kids! The company is very proud of its longevity and consistenty of quality products. Faber-Castell USA is part of the Faber-Castell family of companies founded in 1761 in Stein, Germany. The company is renowned for its high quality, innovative products, respect for tradition, and environmental awareness. Today the company is managed by eighth generation family member Count Anton von Faber-Castell, who has been instrumental in new product development and the expansion of international activities. Faber-Castell USA, under the direction of CEO Jamie Gallagher, offers a wide array of creative and writing products for children and adults.The Playing & Learning line received an extensive review which resulted in a new focus on EcoPencils. In keeping with the overall corporate attention given to environmental awareness, Faber-Castell children’s pencils are made from reforested wood to help preserve the environment. The company’s forests are FSC-certified – a warranty indicating environmentally appropriate, socially compatible and economically sustainable forestry. Additionally, the milling chips that result from pencil production are used to generate heat in the plants rather than discarded as waste. In 1993, Faber-Castell began a conversion to using a water-based finish on graphite and color pencils instead of varnish. In 1999, Faber-Castell acquired Creativity for Kids a consistent provider of quality, innovative, and thoughtful products for children that consist of both classic and trendy creative activities. Today many Creativity for Kids products include Faber-Castell art supplies as components that enrich the creative experience. The company has an ongoing recycling program for office paper, cardboard cartons, and ink cartridges, and no longer uses shrink wrap on its craft kits.