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Solar Cars

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9y - 12y








Construction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Green Product

Since scientists realized that the modern lifestyle is the major cause of global warming, they started to seek ways to substitute fuels with more clean energy sources, such as Solar energy. One application, which will soon become a reality, is that of solar cars. Young inventors can now experiment with this technology using this hybrid engino set. Engino models can run either with solar energy or with battery power! This set also includes a wired RC handset and a 20-page booklet with building instructions for 8 models.

How Engino.Net Ltd is a Green Company

Engino does not print the instructions unless necessary. By not printing they help protect the environment. They ask customers, “If they do print to also please recycle.” As a company they also pay a recycling company a yearly fee to cover expenses to pick and recycle boxes from various households (in Cyprus) equivalent to local sales volume.