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Reading Roundup!™

Age Range

5y - 8y








Board Game, Educational Skills

This is an clever and educational reading race through the southwest. Players pick up their cards, gallop around the board to round up all of their words, and then giddy up home before other players win. Game features top 25 building block words for kindergarteners. Game is for 2 to 4 players and includes a game board, 50 word cards, and 4 game pieces made out of recycled cardboard. The game materials, including the game guide on the inside cover of the box, are earth-friendly—printed with vegetable and soy-based ink on a recycled paper board. Inventor of Reading Roundup!™, Jill Gaynor, introduced three eco-friendly products to Educational Insights.

How Educational Insights Inc is a Green Company

Founded nearly 50 years ago, based in Southern California, Educational Insights® is the manufacturer of unique, innovative, and modern products that deliver the highest quality educational content in ways that are relevant and appealing to kids, parents, and teachers alike. Educational Insights is dedicated to producing and marketing the highest quality instructional materials for classroom teachers. All the products are developed by educators and match children's needs and interests, while incorporating appropriate national teaching standards in a fun and motivating way. At Educational Insights new and innovation green games are educational, fun and produced with eco-friendly materials.