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Organic Veggies

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Educational Skills, Green Product, Science, Socially Responsible

DuneCraft is proud to introduce its Organic Veggies Line with products that include Tomato, Green Beans, Peppers, and Cucumbers. The interest in edibles has been soaring and is only increasing. All the plants are quick to sprout, easy to grow, and will produce their harvest early on compact plants. Sprout inside and plant the whole pot in the ground after a month or two and let the bountiful harvest begin! The pot, the soil-less planting mixture, and even the seeds are certified organic. Each kit includes a coconut coir pot, a corn-based germination bag, seeds, a peat disk, and informative instructions to get the seedling started! Plants benefit their surroundings and humans in many, many ways. They make breathing possible by producing all the oxygen in the atmosphere and the soil is enriched and cleaned by the root systems. Pollutants are “fixed” within plants as they absorb and clean the air around them. Besides adding beneficial humidity to indoor spaces, plants will provide much needed shade on those hot, scorching summer days. These benefits pale in comparison to the medicinal and culinary possibilities that plants provide. Organic Veggies will start sprouting in 1-2 weeks, and are guaranteed to grow!

How DuneCraft is a Green Company

DuneCraft’s goal is to create fun, exciting terrariums grown from seed that will last for years, and to further individuals' interest in plants and nature. The company uses packaging to most importantly convey a mood or feeling. The surrounding elements and background art evoke emotion. And learning. The company combines the positive elements of growing a plant with engaging themes like dragons, fairies, dinosaurs, outer space, and more in the terrariums. Most importantly, it gives young gardeners everything they need to insure a great result they will be proud of. DuneCraft's products are unique, exciting, and fun. The majority of products are made and assembled in the United States and are customer driven. The company conducts inspections of its factories to insure that all the materials are up to specification. The company quality tests at its facility, both when receiving materials and assembling product. It uses outside testing centers to test items for any heavy metals, toxicity, choking hazards, flammability, etc. It conducts both ASTM tests for the United States and CE testing for Europe. All the polymers and science items and any components in the growing kits are safe and made of non-toxic materials. It uses materials consisting of post-consumer content whenever possible. All corrugated materials used by DuneCraft assembly plants are recycled. By doing business in small-scale areas the company occupies as little space as possible, making as little of a negative impact as possible on the environment.