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The Webcast Kids: Go Dogs! DVD

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4y - 10y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Digital Disc, Educational Skills, Green Product, Socially Responsible

Cool Stream Media has launched a new children’s DVD series, The Webcast Kids. The series mission is to create educational videos that are incredible fun and inspire kids of all ages to go green, to volunteer, and to make a difference. After 10 years in the television business, they decided to produce a series that kids would love to watch and that parents would feel good about their kids viewing; and to inspire kids to volunteer in their community and make a difference within the framework of a variety of topics. They also want to educate kids on green practices that they can use in their everyday lives. Sometimes real stories are more fascinating then anything we could ever dream. The goal is to let the kids tell the story. In the premiere episode, The Webcast Kids: Go Dogs!, the viewer can join the enthusiastic webcast kids on a journey to the humane society where they learn about animal rescue, on a vet visit to discover animal care and grooming tips, to a dog bakery in which peanut butter dog bones are created, and to a hospital where a therapy dog provides hope and comfort to a child in need. Added features include a recipe from the dog bakery to make healthy dog treats at home, and a link to find an animal rescue shelter in the area. Positive children’s video programming can bring about positive social change. Small steps can make a big difference. Kids may view videos on The Webcast Kids Youtube channel: Kids may upload their own video webcasts for possible inclusion in a future episode of The Webcast Kids or be featured on the web at: