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1 Two 3 Playhouse

Age Range

24m - 5y








Active Toy, Creative Product, Fantasy Play, Toy

Chicco’s unique and multifaceted 1 Two 3 Playhouse provides a fun and cozy environment for play. The playhouse consists of a door with a functional mail slot, a decorated interior, and toy storage loops. When finished playing, the playhouse can be easily folded flat against the wall, eliminating clutter and providing a charming decorative element, or removed completely for storing or washing. A whimsical cloud-shaped clothes hanger serves as both the support for the playhouse, as well as a room furnishing that hangs at the child’s height when the tent is not in use. Encourages group and independent play and helps to develop creativity. Another new product by Chicco is the Ducati 1198 RC, which allows toddlers to control a miniature motorcycle using intuitive remote-control technology.