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Kung Zhu™

Age Range

4y - 12y








Active Toy, Doll, Fantasy Play, Plush Toy, Toy

What happens when martial arts and hamsters collide? Kung Zhu™ Battle Hamsters, of course! The makers of the hottest toy of the 2009 holiday season, Zhu Zhu Pets™, are at it again with their latest innovation that is sure to make kids yell, ‘Hi-ya!’ and captivate them with epic Kung-Zhu fighting. Before they transform into Ninja Warriors or Special Forces, the Kung Zhu hamsters need to be "trained" to get ready for combat. Prior to their training, you might mistake the Kung Zhu squad for typical hamsters. They dart around, scurry from place to place and squeak. But all that changes when the hamsters encounter the magical "Tablet of Zhu," a special training ground that transforms them into Special Forces or Ninja Warriors. Just snap on armor and they’re ready to battle against each other in the battle arena! Within the Special Forces and Ninja Warriors, there are clans, each with two hamsters sharing a symbol of allegiance on their backs. Each hamster has its own unique features that provide insight into each individual personality.