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Creative Product, Educational Skills, Plush Toy, Socially Responsible, Toy

Each Capables character has a plush, rounded stuffed huggable body with two arms and two legs. Each Capables™ character is uniquely designed with a patent-pending Pocket Head™ that opens and closes to allow bad thoughts to be eliminated as they are symbolically and tangibly replaced with good or positive thoughts. Each Capables® comes wearing a cape with the words "I am Capable of Greatness" embroidered on it. Children can earn specially designed badges of honor with excellent and compassionate behavior. The badges can be attached to the cape as rewards for positive behavior and choices, and removed as a severe consequence for inappropriate behavioral choices. This turns discipline, one of the most challenging parenting responsibilities, into PLAY, and provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn from mistakes. Children learn to use hindsight and foresight and develop the ability to delay gratification, as well as develop internal fortitude and perseverance, which are critical for future success. Each Capables™ character has a fabric stomach with the logo "I am Capable of Greatness" embroidered on it. All Capables® have a series of pockets sewn onto them. This patent pending system is designed to be used in very distinct, tangible, symbolic, and systemic ways to teach children the important life-skills and high-level concepts involved in becoming successful, happy, thriving, contributing human beings. Other materials include books for parents and children, plus extensive training videos of Dawn Billings, the creator of the practical and useful system.