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Squinkies Gumball Surprize! Playhouse

Age Range

4y - 12y








Creative Product, Fantasy Play, Novelty, Toy, Travel Item

Kids will love playing with their favorite Squinkies friends in the Squinkies Gumball Surprize! Playhouse. A deluxe playset that magically transforms from a gumball machine dispenser into a fun themed playhouse jam packed with lots of surprises, Squinkies fans will delight in inserting toy coins and twisting the dial for their Squinkies bubble surprise to roll out! The Squinkies Gumball Surprize! Playhouse comes with nine collectible "squooshy" Squinkies friends and pets in individual toy bubbles, plus additional themed accessories. Gumball Surprize! Playhouse can hold and dispense up to 15 toy plastic bubbles at a time.