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Little Toys for Little Hands

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0m - 5y








Fantasy Play, Toy, Transportation, Travel Item

Little Toys for Little Hands (LTLH) is an exclusive design. Whimsical and friendly, these delightful shapes are irresistible to curious hands and evoke wonderful nostalgia. In 1972, when toy production began, DoodleTown Toys’ focus was larger, wheeled vehicles, but after the toymaker noted “fall-off,” leftover lumber scraps and chunks not big enough for more trucks or trains, he knew he had to do something innovative. Not wanting to waste anything, the toymaker envisioned a line of smaller vehicles to accommodate the lumber scraps, and the first Little Toys for Little Hands toy, the Van, was made. According to the toymaker, “If you put yourself into a child’s thinking mode, there becomes a natural progression when designing a toy line.” From that thought, the 8 Little Toys for Little Hands vehicles have evolved. (Pickup/Plane/Tractor/Train/Car/Copter/Grader/Dozer). The first toy, the Van, was replaced by the Train. Each LTLH has a unique character of its own, while maintaining the visual integrity of this toy line. Little Toys for Little Hands fulfill the need children have to imagine and question the world, and the need to possess a toy that is just theirs and just the right size. Each toy is an easy size to hold, and the inviting tactility of wood plus each toy’s hand routed edges make them hard to put down. The sustainably harvested white pine is readily available and easy to work with, but most importantly, lightweight, making these toys very portable for young children. Little Toys for Little Hands have been CPSIA tested safe for all ages

How DoodleTown Toys, Inc. is a Green Company

The beginnings of DoodleTownToys reflect what they are today. From the toymaker, ""Raised in Minnesota at a time when money to buy things was never plentiful, it wasn’t called ‘green,’ just common sense living. Nothing was ever wasted. They were ‘green’ long before ‘green’ was cool."" These core beliefs of non-waste instilled an essential driving force behind DoodleTown Toys, Inc.. Every decision reflects and maintains the company’s aim to be an eco-friendly company. The main goals of DoodleTown are high play value and durability. Cost is secondary, but they are always conscious of price as well as wanting to help young families stretch their financial resources. The company strives to exceed expectations by producing fun, child-safe toys that can be an integral part of the next generation. A lot of labor is used to handcraft each toy, but the company has honed efficiency down to a science. A time line of the making of Little Toys for Little Hands (LTLH) would show the lumber truck delivering a huge stack of lumber, this being chopped and sawed into lengths, the lengths being sawn into pieces, and the pieces starting their transformation in stages to become a finished toy. The only thing that leaves the DoodleTown shop is completed toys and sawdust that is delivered to the compost pile via wheelbarrow. The lumber used is northern white pine, which comes from a sustainably harvested forest. The choice for pine was also a design decision. It was more affordable than hardwoods and much easier to work with; and the finished products are lightweight enough for little ones to easily tote around. The toys are store displayed in an American made apple basket with a sign posting pricing information. There is no additional packaging to be disposed of as the basket ships with the toys already inside. All 8 Little Toys (Pickup/Plane/Tractor/Train/Car/Copter/Grader/Dozer) can also be purchased in a canvas ToyTote that is American made and silk screened with water-based inks. The ToyTote serves as the toy packaging and is ideal for reuse by many little hands to carry favorite things and learn toy organization. American companies were selected for these items to keep control over the quality, keep manufacturing in the USA, and lessen the amount of fuel used for shipping the products. Little Toys for Little Hands have been CPSIA tested safe for all ages. The whimsical, exclusive shapes feature smooth sanded/routed edges and are finished with a child-safe oil. They are extremely sturdy and with their great nostalgic value they will end up being lovingly saved for more than one generation of little ones.