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Squinkies Bubble Pack

Age Range

4y - 12y








Creative Product, Fantasy Play, Novelty, Toy, Travel Item

Each Surprize Inside Bubble Pack includes 16 collectible "squooshy" Squinkies, including four hidden "surprise" Squinkies, to start or add to a collection. Each lovable little squishy, squooshy, and squashy Squinkie is individually packed in its own toy bubble! For added fun and intrigue, twelve of each pack’s sixteen figures will be encased in transparent bubbles clearly showing the particular figure inside while the pack’s remaining four figures will be packaged in frosted bubbles that conceal their content and offer an exciting element of surprise. With hundreds of figures to collect, trade, and share, Squinkies will offer kids the ability to enjoy endless hours of imaginative game play as they create their very own special Squinkies world. As an added bonus, Squinkies also make great pencil toppers!