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Zylie the Bear Kit

Age Range

4y - 9y








Doll, Fantasy Play, Plush Toy, Toy

Zylie is an 18" jointed plush bear that wears fashionable clothes and accessories, and stars in a series of children’s books and online media. The storyline follows Zylie, an inquisitive 12-year-old girl from Manhattan, who happens to be a bear, on adventures around the world. She is joined by her little brother Theo as they meet lots of interesting friends along the way. Her first adventure takes her to China, where she meets Shen the Panda. Mary Beth Minton, the company’s founder, designed the original Zylie prototype after observing that her own daughters preferred to play with stuffed animals, dressing them and engaging in pretend play as if they were dolls. Additional outfits are sold separately. Zylie is soft and cuddly like a traditional teddy bear, but has a more doll-like shape so she can wear fashionable clothes and stand upright. Zylie is curious and bright, and is interested in math, science, world cultures, and geography. Her inquisitive nature allows the stories to teach lessons about the various places Zylie visits, the languages she comes into contact with, and the important learning experiences. The books are written with the assistance of a prominent learning scientist. Not appropriate for children under the age of 3. Safety Passed ASTM F963 (for US) and EN 71 (for Europe).