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This multiple award-winning strategy game is easy to learn and fun to play over and over again. Gobblet is an all wooden game and its play pieces can be stored in a wooden self-contained box. This is a great long lasting classic game with a twist on the all time favorite game of tic-tac-toe. Gobble up your opponent’s pieces and get four in a row to win. With more than one million games sold in ten years, this green, classic strategy game is one that players will keep for many years to come. How Blue Orange Games is a Green Company Due to its quality, durability, warmth, and appeal, wood has always been the material of choice for Blue Orange Games. The company has committed to plant two trees for every one used in game construction. It replants a variety of trees such as pine, birch and beech to preserve the integrity and biodiversity of the natural environment. This campaign began in the summer of 2006, planting on average 25,000 trees a year since then. Blue Orange is a pioneer in this endeavor and it has set a green example for the Toy Industry. The company also uses green materials in its packaging. While the typical packing product of choice is paper, to minimize the use of plastics, Blue Orange packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Blue Orange Games was the first Dr. Toy’s Best Green Toy Company to be recognized in 2007.