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M&M Candy Wrapper Jewelry

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12m - 7y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Green Product, Novelty

Going green is more stylish than ever. ALEX® teamed with TerraCycle® that provided misprinted or overruns of M&M’s candy wrappers. The ALEX environmentally mindful design team created M&M’s® Candy Wrapper Jewelry using upcycled candy wrappers that otherwise would have gone into the trash. Now your young craft person (and you) can make sweet bracelets, headbands and belts from candy wrappers. Turn trash into treasure – just fold and link! The kit includes over 200 precut candy wrappers, glue stick with burnishing cap, hole puncher, 9 cords, 9 beads, elastic loops, 30 sticky gems and easy instructions. Look cool, have fun, make things while cleaning up the planet. Now that’s sweet! How ALEX is a Green Company ALEX® Environmentally Friendly Initiative supports the company’s premier brand of creative toys and children’s lifestyle products, and the company’s concern about the world in which we live is doing its share to help create a more sustainable future. ALEX® has teamed up with TerraCycle®, which provides misprinted or overruns of M&M’s® candy wrappers to the environmentally mindful design team and creates M&M’s® Candy Wrapper Jewelry using the upcycled candy wrappers that otherwise would have gone into the trash. Alex Little Hands®, award-winning line of products designed specifically for pre-schoolers, now includes 35 games, puzzles and educational products that are made with recycled paperboard, sustainable wood, natural inks, and water-based varnish. A series of eight eco-friendly pre-school puzzles, including a 3D zoo and 35-piece jumbo puzzles in whimsical themes, are new for 2011! These fit perfectly into the company’s mission to provide children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. Quality is of utmost importance, but when the materials used are better for the planet, retailers, parents and children feel completely confident with ALEX toys. Going forward, ALEX® will continue its “green” initiative with phasing in new packaging, shifting to more recyclable materials like corrugated cardboard and other paper products.