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Interactive Story Book & Story Buddy

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3y - 8y








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Add excitement to story time with this new Interactive Story Buddy and book –cuddle up with your child and watch the fun begin as Jingle comes to life when you read his story aloud. Press the left ear on Jingle and begin reading—Jingle barks, whimpers, and even sings when certain corresponding lines are read–he is sure to light up a child’s eyes and imagination, and consumers will want to discover all that Jingle has to say.Kids and grown-ups alike will love this plush and book set featuring a pup named Jingle who interacts with you when you read his story aloud. “Jingle all the Way” – Once there was a good little dog named Jingle who did whatever he was told. The only thing Jingle couldn’t do was “go home” because he didn’t have a home. Jingle’s good behavior and friendship are rewarded, as a boy who wants a dog and a dog who needs a home find each other. Interactive Story Book and Story Buddy provide a fun experience that emphasizes and encourages interaction with others. The plush item is triggered to react to the companion book when read, creating a multi-sensory experience. Its use is intuitive, and the packaging easily communicates the product use and benefit.