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Chronicles of the Mind

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10y - 12y








10 Best Games, Board Game, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Travel Item

Chronicles of the Mind is an excellent all-new group game that arrives just in time to offer a fun family and friend forum for any size gathering. The new game provides light-hearted fun, and adds an educational experience with multilingual play options and a cultivation of creative thinking. Chronicles of the Mind supplies the party with interesting and often hilarious storytelling topics to encourage players to share stories. Sometimes the perfect icebreaker, Chronicles of the Mind is ”the game that gets everyone talking!” Chronicles is conveniently packaged in a small travel-friendly format that is perfect to play in the car, on planes, while on road trips, camping trips, during sleepovers, or almost anywhere at anytime. Plus, the new game comes with English, German, French, and Spanish translations incorporated into it so that it can be used as a learning tool or played in any of the languages for practice. Check out another new game, Words of the Wise, that allows players to create words to match topic cards in alphabetical order.