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GeoPalz - Kids Pedometers

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5y - 12y








Active Toy, Outdoor Play, Toy

GeoPalz is a new and innovative program aimed at addressing childhood obesity and getting kids active. GeoPalz is the first decorative pedometer and online game that allows users to earn points through physical activity. With a simple message of “Walk to Win,” activity is converted to points that can be accumulated and redeemed at the website for free activity based products, sports equipment, and outdoor toys. This is a product designed with with an incentive to get children up and off their couches and outside playing. The “Walk to Win” message translates to a healthier life and provides incentives along the way. The designers have spent a lot of time and effort in developing the website,, so kids can quickly and easily enter their daily steps, as well as getting them off the computer as quickly as possible! They added a module that pops up if they have been on the computer more than 5 minutes that says “Okay Johnny, you have been on our site too long, now go grab your jump rope and run around the house, and come back when you have logged more steps.” The website has a ‘groups’ section that can allow users, teachers, classes or even organizations to create their own local groups, where the children can aggregate information into one grouping. The site includes interesting “Did you know Data” that correlates the child’s steps with different data points based on steps it takes to burn off the common fast food items, steps that show distance traveled, like crossing a football field 10 times, and distance travelled to local points of interest. The information is completely safe and secure and keeps the user’s information private. The site keeps parent’s connected and involved with kids activity by sending weekly updates to show progress, the awards they have won, and notifying them when their child has won a free prize, for which the parents pay only shipping and handling.