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Eco Science Toys

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8y - 12y








Creative Product, Green Product, Science, Socially Responsible

This company is helping children learn how to recycle ordinary materials into toys and fun objects. It believes it is necessary to educate children to develop green concepts in their daily life. With this Eco Science Toy, children can use daily trash such as CDs, paper rolls, plastic bottles, tin cans, etc. to make their own toys. Kids can make a speedy racer with old CDs and a toilet tissue roll. They can create a tornado inside empty plastic bottles; construct a gravity powered walking robot with an aluminum can and more. By recycling everyday trashes to make interesting science toys, chilren will learn science principles while helping to save the environment. Amaze friends with the 7 tricks that are included. The product packaging itself is also PVC free. How 4M Industrial Development Limited is a Green Company The Company launched the Green Science series in 2007 and has developed 14 items in this series. The philosophy behind its products is to educate children through fun and meaningful experiences. The company constantly strives to create green products that are diverse and versatile, and can help children develop their green mindset as well as imagination and cognitive skills. To encourage awareness among children who enjoy creative products, each item contains many interesting recycling tips that they can use and share with others to illustrate the importance of environmental concerns. Except Green Science, which is more for Science, there is the “Green Creativity” series which is a combination of green science and crafts. For more information, please visit the website The premium packaging is almost entirely PVC free. Many of the products in the Green Science series are well recognized and have received international accolades. The company has also teamed up with Oxfam Hong Kong, an independent development and humanitarian organization, to combat poverty and related injustices.