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Story Stacker

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12m - 3y








10 Best Toys, Educational Skills, Fantasy Play, Toy

Story Stacker is so much more than meets the eye. This unique 9-piece wooden stacking system is your toddler’s first construction toy that teaches numbers, size, sequence, colors and geometric shapes, while building eye-hand coordination and thinking skills. The three animal heads offer plenty of discovery moments to top off the learning and is loaded with progressive layers of learning that grow with your child. There is no one “right” way to play with this toy, allowing the child to be more in charge of the play, and learning, experience. Learn color and shape recognition: Identify colors of the discs; identify colors of geometric shapes painted on discs; identify colors of animal heads; describe shapes of animal heads; describe shapes painted on discs. Learn size relationships, number recognition and association: Identify numerals on discs, count geometric shapes, associate numerals with painted geometric shapes; and numerals with relative sizes of discs. Plenty of learning loaded in this new toy. Develop motor skills with stacking play: stack without the base; use color of painted geometric shapes as visual cue for choosing disc to place on top in size-order series; switch heads on top. Learn about different farm animals: Identify animal heads; repeat sounds the animals make; and read animal stories. This toy is 7” high when fully assembled and includes extensiveActivity Guide in English, French, and Spanish.