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Natura Nativa Learning Media

Age Range

3y - 9y








Card Game, Educational Skills, Green Product, Puzzle, Science, Socially Responsible

This new product is a groundbreaking bilingual educational learning media system designed to teach subjects such as shapes, colors, vegetables, invertebrate animals, geometry, and language in a fun and unique way. Inspired by Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and High Scope educational methods, this innovative teaching system allows children to play alone or in group. The progressive approach to learning was designed and developed by Gazi Garib, who received a Masters of Education from Stanford University and a Master of Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. Gazi set out to develop a learning method that could be used for schools, but more importantly, he aimed to create a tool that would make learning school subjects fun and would feel more like play while at home. This approach to learning develops many intelligences (spatial, logical, linguistic, intrapersonal, kinesthetic) and is based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. Each 60-card learning set provides multiple games and activities in a single box. Each set is made with 150 grams of paper from completely renewable forest. The founder donates 5% to low-income children. Eight subjects are available.