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Velociraptor & Pterosaur BC-20001

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5y - 10y








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The Velociraptor is the most famous dinosaur that ever lived, and the Pterosaur is the most recognizable flying reptile known to humankind. Both of these creatures have been inhabiting the make-believe worlds of children since the beginning of time, and now Bloco is bringing them back from extinction to seed the imagination of primary schoolers everywhere. This set features Bloco’s award-winning construction toy concept that enables children to build any of the 5 separate Velociraptor and Pterosaur models by following the amazingly kid-friendly instructions, or create their own Jurassic universe by using Bloco’s trademark high-density foam pieces and plastic connectors to mix and match, rotate and stack their way to inventing their own prehistoric animals. Either way, Bloco’s new Velociraptor and Pterosaur set will spell the evolution of countless hours of edutaining fun, wherein animals that once roamed the planet will now forever roam the imagination of children. Set includes 167 pieces and instructions for 5 models. Suitable for both boys and girls.