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Staccabees is a fun, family friendly update to the ancient game of teetotum. Variations include dreidel (Israel), parta ola (Greece), put and take (England), and la pirinola (Mexico). Unlike traditional teetotum, however, Staccabees involves both skill and strategy--and literally builds to an exciting climax as players add cubes to a towering stack. Simple enough to play with young kids while engaging for adults, Staccabees is a new tradition that the whole family can enjoy. Designed for 2-6 players, Staccabees takes about 20 minutes to play. Each game includes 54 hardwood game pieces, an engraved spinning top, illustrated rules, and a 100% cotton heavy duty canvas game bag with an embroidered logo.Players take turns spinning the top and, based on the results, place cubes on the “stac.” Be the first to balance all your cubes on the “stac” and you win! Staccabees is great for practicing fine motor skills and learning concepts of halving, even/odd, and rounding numbers. Fun to play at family gatherings and holiday parties, this is a great gift for kids and parents to enjoy together. Light weight, durable, and portable, Staccabees is also great travel game.