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Sesame Street Video USB

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Digital Disc, Educational Skills, Novelty, Software, Transportation, Travel Item

Sesame Street has gone high tech! ATP Electronics has partnered with Sesame Street to bring educational media into an exciting and dynamically new format – full-length Sesame Street home videos on character USB drives. The collection of Sesame Street characters offers an easily accessible and exciting new way to watch video and store photographs, music, and documents — all on the same drive! Each drive features a different full-length Sesame Street video (based on the drive’s character), plus storage space for up to 400 photos, 400 songs, or loads of written material. Characters include Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Grover and the Sesame Street sign. Using patented ATP technology, the Sesame Street USB drives combine embedded video and discretionary storage space in one integrated package. Kids of all ages will find them easy to use: simply plug the drive into a computer and use the one-touch menu to access the movie, personal storage space, or link directly to the Sesame Street website.The drives combine education, entertainment and technology in a unique and portable package, making them ideal for travel, school, and home use. Made of thick, durable rubber, the drives are waterproof, dustproof and drop proof. The video content is protected so it can’t accidentally be erased, and, unlike DVD movies, the content can’t be scratched. A versatile connector strap keeps the character’s two pieces together, and also makes for a fun fashion statement when worn as a bracelet, ponytail holder, or backpack accessory.While the Sesame Street drives were designed for young children, they also appeal to school-age kids, who often use flash drives to transfer assignments to and from school (convenient, and greener than paper) and to adults too who have a special nostalgia for Sesame Street.