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Board Game, Educational Skills, Travel Item

With endless challenges, Sumoku is great fun! In this crossword-style game, players arrange numbered tiles in rows or columns that add up to multiples of a number shown on the die. Things can get a little more challenging as a row or column may not contain duplicate colors. With 5 different versions available in the same bag, you can play in a variety of fashions, from solo to teams to multiple players. Sumoku is the fun game that is easy to learn, but challenging to master. It is travel friendly with bright, quality pieces. Whether you’re a mathematics amateur, just like crossword puzzles, or are looking for a new pastime, sumoku is the answer! Skills developed include number recognition and math skills and players may also work cooperatively towards a common goal. It also enforces color recognition. Players use addition and multiplication in every version of the game. Contents: 96 tiles, 1 die, travel pouch. Game is for 1 to 8 players and play time is 10 to 30 minutes.