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Golden Gate™ Go for the Gold!

Age Range

7y - 12y








Card Game, Educational Skills, Travel Item

Golden Gate is a fun, relaxing game for all ages. Excellent design includes playing surface inside, and it’s travel friendly. With fast-moving play and a perfect balance of luck and skill, you’ll feel the gold rush and want to come back for more.This great new game opens up the Golden Gate so players can feel the rush of going for the gold! Players collect chips out of the gate by playing yellow cards and by being the first one to run out of cards. The longer you wait to drop yellow cards, the higher the value of the chip—but wait too long and the gate will close. Green cards are neutral, black cards are wild, and red cards count against you if you’re left with any at the end. The winner of each round collects points for each red card remaining in other players’ hands. .Skills developed in this game: Golden Gate tests number and color recognition in young players, and figures probability. Game is for 2 to 4 players with play time about 20 minutes.