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Shoulder Buddies

Age Range

5y - 8y








Novelty, Toy, Travel Item

Shoulder Buddies are adorable collectible friends that kids can wear and take with them everywhere they go. Each 1.5” figure has an embedded magnet that connects with a Magic Coin in order to stay securely on a shirt, hat, backpack, etc. They come in a variety of themes and colors – with over 30 new characters per year – so there’s a Shoulder Buddy (or two, or more!) to appeal to every boy and girl. They are the perfect companions while traveling! Shoulder Buddies come from the “Land of Understand.” After going to school to learn their “Smarts,” they come down to Earth to share it with a special friend. When Shoulder Buddies are worn by their new friend, they offer a reminder of their life lesson. Each Shoulder Buddy comes with a “Smart Card” that describes its unique message.