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Angels from the Attic

Age Range

0m - 12y








Book, Creative Product, Plush Toy, Socially Responsible

The Angels from the Attic are a group of six special friends who live in a magical attic. The Angels from the Attic were co-developed by Mark Marderosian, a freelance illustrator who has worked for over 15 years with major entertainment companies including Disney, and his wife Karen, a nursery school teacher of 20 years. The Angels from the Attic were born in Mark’s "Attic" based on stories he would tell his children at bedtime. This special new line – which includes soft toys, books, puzzles, tag-along pals, and educational games and activities – is unique in its focus as it encourages creative play, and promotes lessons of friendship and doing good deeds. The Angels from the Attic are proud to act as ambassadors for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation – a national charity for childhood cancer. The Angels have a special storybook in which the proceeds benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Price: $19.95 for Angel and $12.95 for Alex’s Lemonade book.