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Ponies and Music Color 'N Seek®

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4y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Hobby

Color ’n Seek® hidden pictures coloring activities are the only poster art available with hidden pictures and educational word association. The words describing all of the objects hidden in the posters are printed on the margins of the posters in open font to be colored as each object is found in the poster. Two "Artist Smooth" paper stock posters and ten markers are included in the flat-pack. Color ’n Seek® hidden picture art activities were winners of the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's’ products of 2008, awarded by The Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco. Color 'n Seek® posters are available in a wide variety of topics appealing to a broad range of interests and are offered in 18 assortments of two-poster sets, including Alphabet (A-M amp; N-Z); Beasties (forest animals) amp; Mythical Animals; Getting Wet amp; In The Swim (water nature amp; water play); Once Upon A Pony and Music Makers; Days of Yore amp; Sports; Home On The Farm amp; Bright Lights (country life amp; city life); Out of the West amp; Roughing It; In The Garden amp; Amazon Jungle.