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Digital Disc, Educational Skills, Software

Say-N-Play, Advance Games first computer learning game, provides a fun and visually engaging environment for children between the ages of four and nine to practice speech sound pronunciation. The idea originally was developed to provide children with speech difficulty an engaging alternative to traditional speech therapy drill activities. The game has, however, turned out to be an excellent product for all children as a means of reinforcing proper sound and word pronunciation. It also offers the additional benefit of reading skill development as all words are presented in the written as well as the pictorial format. The graphics are vivid, full of color, fun, and child-appropriate. The software features colorful characters and various games to choose from. One of these games is a racing match where the player must pronounce words correctly in order to move ahead and win the race. For every word the player says correctly, he or she is rewarded with an entertaining animation. Multiple levels and a progress report application allow the player, parents, teacher, and/or speech therapist to monitor the child’s success.