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Over the past 25 years, the MathBlaster brand has earned the trust of over 10 million parents and teachers by providing safe, age-appropriate games for kids. is no exception. Although is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, parental controls, canned chat,and pre-programmed names ensure that kids are completely safe and cannot share any personal information. The new edition recently released a 3D online virtual world, reviving the classic MathBlaster® brand first released in 1983 to make math fun for kids. For 28 years, the MathBlaster brand of educational games has helped millions of students refine math, reading and spelling skills through a combination of lessons and arcade-style games. stays true to the essence of the brand, but also offers major upgrades in visual effects, interactivity, game play, and accessibility. is a futuristic outer-space adventure where kids can play arcade-style games and race through high-speed missions with a cast of characters that are out of this world! After learning the ropes in Blaster Academy, new cadets join the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP), a team of Blasters sworn to explore and protect the universe. Armed with gadgets and math skills, the cadets of the ISP travel to new planets and face extraordinary challenges! The online virtual galaxy contains many games to teach kids aged 6-12 math skills at a variety of levels. In each math game, kids can choose what math skills to practice and the game difficulty level. What makes unique is that it makes learning math fun. The site’s first two math games were: Zapper Turret Training, where kids shoot missiles at correct answers to math problems to protect the spaceship, and Hyper Cycle Training, where players zoom through a tunnel of obstacles and answer math questions in order to pass by evil robots. is continuously adding new features and games to keep kids engaged. A MathBlaster membership contains many benefits. For a monthly fee of $7.99, parents can register the entire family. The family membership includes unlimited access to and (another Knowledge Adventure educational online world for ages 3-12) for up to 6 children and other downloadable content. Since 1991, Knowledge Adventure® has set the standard in kids’ learning games by creating the finest educational products for use in the home and classroom. Today, Knowledge Adventure designs and produces games under two primary brands, JumpStart® and Math Blaster. Each of these brands boasts hundreds of awards and an impressive ten-year history of quality products that have earned the trust of millions of parents. With games available online, on the Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Wii™, iPad™, and by download, Knowledge Adventure games are offered on the platforms today’s kids love most. What sets Knowledge Adventure apart is the unique combination of learning and entertainment built into each JumpStart and MathBlaster game.