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LaQ Free Style Colors

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5y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Construction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Hobby

LaQ is an innovative block toy invented by Hiroshi Kichijo and manufactured in Nara, Japan. In 1993 the construction toy block “LaQ”. (The “Q” represents the Japanese word “kyuu,” which means sphere) with the philosophy of creating a block that can connect from various directions (such as how a die has numbers on all 6 sides) and also be able to create a spherical shape and any other imaginable shape or design. The block parts are flat square and triangle shaped base parts and 5 types of joint parts, which connect with fun snapping sounds to create various geometrical and spherical shapes. LaQ Free Style Colors is a 400-piece kit, which was the very first LaQ kit announced when sales started in 1995. After 16 years, it is still a long-time best seller in Japan, as well as expanding play overseas in the US, EU and Asian countries. LaQ Free Style Colors has been an especially popular kit for adults, as well as children, due to the simplicity of consisting of just 7 types of blocks with well balanced piece numbers in the basic colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. Parents and teachers are surprised at how only 7 types of block parts can allow a child (or adult) to express creative ideas and simply enjoy building with infinite possibilities. History: Hiroshi Kichijo grew up in a house that is 200-years-old and took 15 years to build with the finest architectural technology of the period. Old Japanese wooden houses were built without nails, but by firmly connecting wooden pillars and sliding wooden doors in a skillful manner that can only be described as architectural artwork of a master architect. The most inspirational hints to create a flat construction block with connections of multiple angles came from growing up in the environment of Nara where these skills could be viewed on a daily basis.