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K'NEX Ferris Wheel

Age Range

7y - 12y








Construction Toy, Educational Skills, Toy

The Light-Up Ferris Wheel offers a new twist on a K’NEX favorite with strobing multi-colored lights that spin with the Ferris Wheel to create a dazzling show! This building set includes more than 525 colorful K’NEX pieces, including gears, a motor, and light strip with 6 pre-programmed light routines to ignite building fun! Builders and thrill ride enthusiasts of all ages can follow the color-coded instructions to create this exciting Ferris Wheel. Then switch the light strip and motor on and watch the model light up! As the Ferris Wheel spins, the light strip quickly moves in the opposite direction, creating an exciting visual effect. With 6 pre-programmed settings, the lighting effects can be customized to add to the fun of building. Instructions for a second dynamic model are available on Ferris Wheel building sets are a K’NEX favorite that have evolved over the years and continue to be popular. K’NEX currently offers a variety of Ferris Wheel building sets including the Light Up-Ferris Wheel, which includes multi-colored lights to create a dazzling show, the 6-Foot Ferris Wheel, which is the largest K’NEX building set of all time, and the smaller Collect and Build Amusement Park Ferris Wheel. In the past, K’NEX has produced a Musical Ferris Wheel, Super Amusement Park Ferris Wheel, 3-Foot Ferris Wheel, a Double Ferris Wheel, and even a Solar Powered Ferris Wheel. It is clear that K’NEX builders love making these imaginative ferris wheels that move! Prices will vary depending on model. History: K’NEX Brands, one of the world’s leading construction toy companies.