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KLOO has turned learning a language into a game! This innovative new game, which is inspired by many of the classic card games of the past, makes learning a language fast, easy and, above all, fun. It uses colored word cards and a Race to Paris game board (French version) or a Race to Madrid game board (Spanish version) to score. In all there are 16 games you can play with KLOO. By giving a modern twist to some of the great card games, KLOO brings the joy of playing cards and the educational value of learning a language to a new generation of families and schools. For anyone wishing to learn a second language, KLOO is the perfect game. KLOO embeds important language learning principles so learning becomes easy. Within a few seconds players can create grammatically correct sentences using the unique KLOO Color Code System. They can also discover the meanings of words as they play. By creating sentences and learning new words, players move their motor car around France or Spain in a race to the capital. The game board shows famous cities, sites and cultural spots of France and Spain. There are 4 decks of 64 cards for each language. With each deck, players can create thousands of sentences. As they get to know all the words in one deck, they move onto the next one. Quick Start Rules are provided for "Original KLOO." With KLOO you can play 16 different games from quick fire quiz games for children (like "Penalty Shoot Out") to sophisticated solitaire games (like "Patience of a Saint"). Games are for 1 to 4 people and for ages 8 to adult. Games can be scored with a paper and pen or with KLOO game boards. These games are based on many of the classic card games we already know and love - some of which people have played for over 300 years. For instance, the KLOO game "Gist" is based on Whist, first played in England in the 16th century; "Chin Chin" is based on Gin Rummy, and "Wild KLOO Chase" is based on the children's game Chase the Ace. KLOO was designed by businessman Andrew Finan to help his children learn another language. Married to an Italian and with holidays planned to Italy every year, he wanted his two daughters to speak the language. After buying many products, he was perplexed at how slowly they were learning. Two things were clear: his children did not enjoy learning Italian - it simply wasn't fun; and, secondly, the materials didn't seem to be effective. Having been involved in designing games for many years, he started to wonder if you could create a game that replicated the way we learned our first language so it would be more natural, easier and fun. Playing with scraps of paper around the dining room table, he designed and refined the KLOO® concept. The reaction of his daughters to the game surprised him. Within minutes his children were shouting out foreign sentences, laughing and completely absorbed in the game, while tests showed they were learning more in a single game of KLOO® than in a month of using other methods. KLOO embeds important language learning principles.