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Top Tafel

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Active Toy, Arts & Crafts, Board Game

The game consists of several small “rooms” laid out on a board that has a number of possible designs and layouts. The pins are positioned amongst the “rooms” and a top is then spent spinning ( launched from its own “launching pad”) from one end of the board in an effort to topple as many of the pins as possible. Each pin scores differently and success is largely a matter of luck. The game seems to have its origins in England and/or France and was often played in pubs where it was and still is today considered to be one of the most enjoyable pub games around. It is still quite popular in France, Belgium and Holland to-day. It dates back to at least the late 1700s and it could be a game with origins much earlier than that. The game was brought from Europe to North America but over the years has been lost in time. Faire Tyme Toys has done extensive research on this “lost game” added its own unique characteristics and have sold it in North America for the last ten years. It is one of our most popular games and demand for this game grows each year from museums as well as the general public. It has been described by many of those who have bought the games as “more fun than any computer game we have ever purchased!” Faire Tyme Toys was formed a little more than fifteen years ago in response to a need throughout Canada and the United States in the world of historical reenactment and living history museums. The objective was to visit museums, schools, and historical reenactments and festivals, from all time periods, and stage hands-on workshops as well as allow kids and adults to touch and play with these old wooden toys and games. Most had never seen or even heard about the toys brought to these events. A few typically are shown in museums but most have no reproductions for programming and no one was allowed to even touch them let alone play with them. As one can imagine an approach that stressed historical accuracy of toys and games, clothing, and presentation became very popular rather quickly throughout Canada and the United States. This company is unique in North America as it is the only period toy and game company that not only makes many these rare toys but also sells them, and visits sites to provide hands-on workshops, lectures and presentations. The products range far exceeds any other company providing period toys. The products look exactly like the old ones would have looked so long ago. The toys and games are growing in popularity for those who wish to buy environmentally friendly toys and games not made of plastic, require no batteries and encourage children to be active rather than passive, and to use their imaginations.