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Little Green Money Machine Apprentice Kit

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5y - 12y








Active Toy, Arts & Crafts, Book, Educational Skills, Technology

Little Green Money Machine Apprentice Kit is modeled after the classic “lemonade stand” that lined neighborhood streets in the early 20th century and taught baby boomers how to make their own money. Building on the concept of entrepreneurial education, this clever update has many kid-friendly features, including adjustable height, solar-powered calculator, locking casters, and much more. This is a learning toy designed to teach kids about money management and how to set up and operate their very own business or fundraiser. The Kit includes an interactive book, business stand, and customizable banners. The interactive book, Kids in Business Around the World, offers content, ideas, and exercises that teach the lifelong skills of financial literacy, goal setting, sales and marketing, and entrepreneurship. The business stand is not your typical lemonade stand. It includes adjustable-height upright posts, lockable wheels for mobility, five magnetic and dry erase banner areas for marketing the business, built-in cupholders, a built-in money tray with lock and key, a solar-powered calculator, and a storage area for marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and business cards. The Kit also includes magnetic, dry-erase banners that allow kids to create and customize their business stand. What is perfect is that this Kit lays the foundation for kids to become more self confident and self reliant and reflects the goals of the inventor of this Kit, Anthony Delmedico. History: As a boy, Anthony Delmedico dreamed of one day owning his own big business. But in his single parent, blue-collar family, there wasn’t enough money for him to attend college, let alone launch a business. So he started kid businesses that had minimal start-up costs, but could still earn him money. Along the way, he taught himself the entrepreneurial skills he would need to start larger, more successful businesses. After finishing high school, Anthony enlisted in the U.S. Army and was selected for Officer Candidate School, one of the finest leadership schools in the world. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant and served as an infantry platoon leader during the first Gulf War. This hands-on experience was the ultimate lesson in leadership. Anthony learned to assess the skills and weaknesses of his troops, while also motivating them to break through barriers and achieve success. After leaving the military, Anthony earned an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He then worked for several years as an Executive Marketing Manager at Ecolab, a $2.5 billion global chemical company. While at Ecolab, he launched and branded several new products, trained sales representatives across North America, and implemented marketing programs. But Anthony never forgot his dream of someday being his own boss. His entrepreneurial spirit never stopped. In 1999, from the basement of his home, he launched a construction business. That business, Abelard Construction, is now a multi-million dollar company with over 50 employees and offices in several Midwest states. Plans are currently underway to take the company public. With a steady record of success under his belt, Anthony established Del Visionaries and wrote several books on entrepreneurialism.