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Bébé Chéri

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3y - 5y









Bébé Chéri was the first Corolle doll ever made, carefully designed -- based on observations and input from children -- to resemble a real baby that little girls could love and nurture. Bébé Chéri made its first appearance at the Salon du Jouet (Toy Fair) in Paris in 1979. It was initially panned by critics for its “too realistic” face and large – 20 inches tall -- size, but Corolle was not dissuaded; it knew Bébé Chéri was something truly special. Samples of the doll were sent to journalists, nurseries, and pre-schools, and finally to other toy fairs, including New York and Milan. It was promoted as a nurturing tool and a cherished plaything that could be passed down from generation to generation. The following year, Bébé Chéri was honored with several top accolades, each one praising the doll’s remarkable educational qualities and impeccable design. Today, Bébé Chéri remains one of the most durable designs in Corolle’s history. As proof of its enormous success, the beloved Bébé Chéri has appeared in every single Corolle collection, unchanged except for a new outfit every year, for more than thirty years. Its popularity has even extended to Hollywood’s A-listers, with celebrity fans like Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and Violet Affleck among others. Corolle is the leading play doll manufacturer in the specialty toy market. Since opening its doors for the first time in 1979, in Langeais, France, Corolle has offered beautiful collections of finely crafted dolls and accessories, all designed for playability and durability, to last for a lifetime of play and hugs. These fine-quality dolls are realistic – often inspired by the faces of real children -- and are specially scaled and weight-proportioned to children of different ages; as a result, there truly is a Corolle doll for every age and stage in a young child’s life. Corolle dolls have a delicate vanilla scent – another Corolle signature -- with full, rooted hair that can be washed and styled. And Corolle celebrates ethnic diversity with a variety of dolls for children of different cultural backgrounds to identify with and to love. Finally, Corolle brings caring, savoir-faire and style to everything it does, so that every little girl can find the doll of her dreams in its collection – and create magical, pretend-play memories that will last a lifetime.