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Animal Cottage

Age Range

12m - 24m








Educational Skills, Puzzle

The Animal Cottage is a great educational classic toys that provides a colorful cottage with rooms and doors for 5 fun animal characters, 5 shapes, and 5 keys, which can be inserted into the corresponding slots. The child can either find the correct key to open the door, or lift the roof off and remove all of the contents in an instant. Animal Cottage helps children develop their eye-hand coordination, dexterity, and logical association skills. All the pieces store easily inside the animal cottage and the carry handle makes it easy to transport. History: Pietro Catelli, Artsana founder and president, was born in Como on April 14, 1920. Awarded the honorary title of “Cavaliere del Lavoro,” Catelli has always centered his career on human relationships and a contagious love of his work. In the post-war years he managed to take advantage of the synergy between product quality, brand identity, and the power of communications. He established Artsana in Como in 1946 to produce and sell medical supplies. Baby products followed when the Chicco brand was born in 1958, along with Catelli’s first son, Enrico.