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Deluxe Easel by Beka

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24m - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Hobby

Beka’s hard maple easel design has become the easel of choice across the USA. Beka started making easels for children in the mid-1980s, initially for their own children, then for childcare centers and pre-schools their children attended, then for local stores, and finally for specialty toy and school supply stores nationwide. Their modular easel design provided a range of features from which store owners could choose. The versatility of the design continues to prove to be very popular, allowing users to customize the easel for themselves. By the 1990s Beka easels were established as the industry leader, setting a high standard for quality, reliability, and durability. The Beka folks have long been referred to as “the easel people” in the specialty toy market. Easels acted as the anchor for what has evolved into a wide variety of hard maple creative play products for children that Beka now handcrafts in their unique St. Paul, MN, shop. Beka stands as only one of the few remaining domestic manufacturers of natural wood products for children.