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Read With Me Scout

Age Range

24m - 5y








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Read With Me Scout was specifically designed to create interactive reading experiences. As children read along, 70+ spoken questions and audio-responses keep them engaged and help them build reading comprehension skills. Each plush puppy is loaded with storybooks, music, lullabies and interact-and-respond activities. Scout and Violet respond to the child’s every pet, pat, hug and kiss with fun audio that reinforces the learning. Children will press a button on the puppy’s collar to choose one of the books and start reading, and pat their puppy’s head to turn the page. Scout and Violet love to sing, too! Parents can switch Scout and Violet into Sleepy Time Mode to listen to relaxing stories and eight minutes of lullabies. Teaches: •Listening Comprehension: Listen and follow along with Scout as he reads one of the five included books. Scout asks questions to engage young readers, foster comprehension skills and build personal connection with stories. •Early vocabulary: Each of the five books includes vocabulary terms from colors to animal names. Press the Music Paw to trigger songs that reinforce word learning. •Books & Print: Pay attention to Scout’s signal to practice turning pages. Listen to Scout and learn about the relationship between the print on a page and the story that Scout tells.