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The Real Tooth Fairies Book Series

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6y - 10y








10 Best Educational, Creative Product, Cultural, Educational Skills, Fantasy Play, Other, Socially Responsible

Girls are transported to a captivating fairy world when they open the magical pages of The Real Tooth Fairies Book Series. Each book is filled with laughter, tooth fairy magic and life lessons about making friends, overcoming challenges, and believing in yourself. Now Earthies everywhere can meet their real Tooth Fairy and discover in the stories what courageous and kind acts each of the six fairies did to prove she had the heart of a tooth fairy – a Heart with Wings. These acclaimed tooth fairy books are companion stories for the online world at Girls get matched to their tooth fairy and form a personalized friendship with her in Real Fairyland. Like an adoring big sister, each Real Tooth Fairy celebrates your girl and inspires her to grow and Glow sharing her own unique talents and spreading kindness in her world. Moms say: “Everything in these books from the illustrations to the positive messages are so good for my girl” and “my daughter reads these books more than any other!” Collect the entire series to discover everything tooth fairy from Kindness Station to Dream Trees to the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues!